Hofbauer Cells (Macrophages)

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Highly specialized tissue macrophages, called Hofbauer cells, are found within the chorionic villi of the placenta throughout gestation. Fetal in origin, these cells perform the general functions associated with tissue macrophages including phagocytosis of apoptotic cells and presentation of antigens related to inflammation and infectious diseases. Cells are enriched based on surface protein expression and cryopreserved immediately after isolation without culture steps.

Post-thaw morphology is typical of tissue macrophages and flow cytometric analyses confirm expression of CD68 and CD163 in each lot.

Hofbauer cell vials have 500k cells in each vial and are released after a vigorous QC process.

Amnion Foundation ships cellular products Monday through Wednesday via overnight delivery. A dry ice surcharge will automatically be added to purchases of Hofbauer cells. For bulk orders and pricing please contact us at sales@amnionfoundation.org.

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