hPSCs – 5M

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Isolated from the human placenta after a healthy birth, fetal-origin PSCs are phenotypically stable and can be expanded extensively to create large banks of cells to support research, pre-clinical, and clinical programs. The potential applications for hPSCs are supported by over two decades of peer-reviewed scientific publications and the advancement of programs at highly accredited research institutes.

PSCs available from the Amnion Foundation are immunopositive for CD73, CD105 and SSEA4. hPSC vials have 1M or 5M cells to meet your experimental needs.

hPSCs and PSCPRO2 are shipped on dry ice. Amnion Foundation ships cellular products Monday through Wednesday via overnight delivery. A dry ice surcharge will automatically be added to purchases of hPSCs & PSCPRO2 cells. For bulk orders and pricing please contact us at sales@amnionfoundation.org

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