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Isolated from fresh umbilical cord, our hUVEC cells are isolated and cultured at both standard atmospheric oxygen tension (hUVEC) and physiologically relevant oxygen tensions (HUVECPRO® and HUVECPRO2®) and are donor matched to the other cell types in our repertoire. These cells have been thoroughly characterized with surface marker profiles, cellular motility and migration assays, as well as tube formation assays assessing angiogenic potential.

HUVEC and HUVECPRO2® vials have 500k cells in each vial and are released after a vigorous QC process.

HUVEC and HUVECPRO2 are shipped on dry ice. Amnion Foundation ships cellular products Monday through Wednesday via overnight delivery. A dry ice surcharge will automatically be added to purchases of MVEC & MVECPRO2 cells. For bulk orders, pricing and pooled donor options please contact us at

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