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Our cytotrophoblast culture media, CTBPRO2GRO® is a proprietary formula that was designed to enhance the growth and expansion of the CTBPRO2® cells.

CTBPRO2GRO is supplied as 250mL of refrigerator stable basal media and a frozen supplement pack that are combined at point of use to extend the life of the culture media.

CTBPRO2GRO Media is supplied as a 250mL bottle of refrigerator stable media and a frozen (-20°C) supplement pack. Basal media is shipped on wet ice/ice packs and supplement pack is shipped on dry ice. Media products are shipped Monday through Thursday via standard overnight shipping. A dry ice surcharge is automatically added upon checkout for shipment of media products. For bulk pricing (> 5L) please contact us sales@amnionfoundation.org.

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