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The Amnion Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization founded by Dr. Anthony Atala, a world-renowned leader in regenerative medicine.
Today, we specialize in the provision of birth tissue-related goods and services to the scientific community.

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Who We Are

The Amnion Foundation is powering our mission with a dedicated staff and a wide network of Key Opinion Leaders and Scientific Advisors, including our Founder, Dr. Anthony Atala.

Anchoring our portfolio are proprietary stem cells isolated from the amniotic fluid or placenta; these cells are genetically stable, have a remarkable capacity for expansion, and possess a broad spectrum of therapeutically relevant functions, including immunomodulatory properties, pro-angiogenic and pro-vasculogenic properties, and multi-lineage differentiation potential. We also offer a variety of additional birth tissue-derived cell types and provide custom isolation services for our partners and clients.


Anna Gray Smith

Anna Gray Smith

Director of Operations

Jessica Cheu

Jessica Cheu

Lead Biomedical Engineer

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